Pera Film #WallPapers


Aren’t you in love with Pera Film’s posters? We are!
Here are some wallpapers for your phone inspired by the posters.
We will keep on sharing. Stay tuned to our stories!

* To save the image: click on the image you want to use. A new page will open with a larger image. On this new page, touch the image until “Save Image” option appears. Select it. Enjoy!

Cinema, I Love You
Not in This Life!
Growing Pains

24 19 13

Power of My Imagination!
Orientalism in Polish Cinema

27 25

From the Tsars to the Stars
This is Not a Music Video

23 21

On the Beach
Gold Medal

1 4

Meow! Cat Got Your Tongue?
Tales of Tails: Dogs on Screen

7  15

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