About Us

The Pera Museum opened its doors in early June 2005, as the first step of a comprehensive cultural endeavor of the Suna and Inan Kirac Foundation in this distinguished venue of the city of Istanbul, in order to provide wide-ranging cultural services and activities. The museum is situated in a historical building originally constructed in 1893 by the architect Achille Manoussos in Tepebası (Istanbul’s most prestigious district at the time), and which was, until rather recently, known as the “Bristol Hotel”. The building was completely renovated to serve as a museum and a cultural center. Transformed into a fully-equipped modern museum, this venerable building is now serving the people of Istanbul once again. In addition to its function as a private museum which entails exhibiting the Foundation Collections, the Pera Museum also aims to provide the people of Istanbul with a broad range of cultural services that include a variety of temporary exhibitions as well as film, educational programs and conferences.