Conversation with Manolo Valdés


Manolo Valdés speaks to Pierre Levai, President of Marlborough Gallery New York, who has been working with the artist for many years. Art lovers had the opportunity to get to know Valdés’ works through his own words. The talk took place in the exhibition gallery, amongst Valdés’ artworks. Those who missed it can watch the talk here.

Following the dissolution of Equipo Crónica, the pioneering group of Pop art in Spain, which he cofounded, Manolo Valdés continued his career solo as of 1981. His works derive their strength from the masterpieces of the past, bear historic clues, colors, and textures, and make strong references to art history, carrying traces that extend from Velázquez to Zurbarán, and from Matisse to Picasso and Lichtenstein. Stripping a painting from its original context and reinterpreting it through pop art, the artist primarily focuses on figures, objects, and series…

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