Interview with Catherine Grenier

Organized in collaboration with the Giacometti Foundation, Paris, the Alberto Giacometti exhibition explores Giacometti’s prolific life, most of which the artist led in his studio in Montparnasse, through the works of his early period as well his late work, including one unfinished piece.

Curated by Giacometti Foundation’s Director Catherine Grenier, the exhibition offers a chronological and thematic itinerary covering the two definitive periods of Alberto Giacometti’s life –before and after the Second World War- and touches upon his friendships with the leading artists and intellectuals of his period in Paris.

We spoke to Catherine Grenier about the exhibition and some key pieces by the artist…

“The Giacometti Foundation is happy to exhibit the works of Alberto Giacometti for the first time in İstanbul in collaboration with Pera Museum. The artist himself would have doubtless enjoyed seeing his works in this context, standing next to Byzantine works [found in the Life Is Short, Art Long exhibition], which as he often stated were very close to his own conception of art. Giacometti spent all his energy on his work; even though he travelled infrequently, he had established close links with art forms of distant lands, such as Byzantium, Egypt, Africa, and Oceania, adding them to his intellectual repertoire. He forged these links in the name of fidelity to reality; he liked to say he depicted the reality of the models of Byzantine and Egyptian figures better than naturalist painting or even photography.”

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