From Cypresses to Turkish Landscapes



Among the most interesting themes in the oeuvre of Prassinos are cypresses, trees, and Turkish landscapes. The cypress woods in Üsküdar he saw every time he stepped out on the terrace of their house in İstanbul or the trees in Petits Champs must have been strong images of childhood for Prassinos. Possessing a powerful meaning with their roots firmly grasping soil, trees also allude to his own existence through a similar metaphor in the artist’s imagination.

The trees in the Paintings of Torment series, on the other hand, are of particular importance as they comprise the compositions he created when Prassinos realized he was nearing the end of his life. While the studies seen here belong to the series he created for the Notre Dame de Pitié Chapel in St. Rémy de Provence, they constitute the ultimate works of the artist.

In the study of the three thorny, leafless, and nearly withered trees, the artist seems to points the viewer to a new life to be born out of the ground at the point where another life is ending.MPrassinos_Slnlr_013

Mario Prassinos, In Pursuit of an Artist: Istanbul-Paris-Istanbul” exhibition can be seen until August 14!

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