Raša Todosijević


Raša Todosijević
Schlafflagge with Serbian and Austrian flags
Old clothes, flags and printed word
Courtesy of the artist

Our “Cold Front from the Balkans” exhibition focuses on different generations of artists and art groups from the Balkan region. Throughout the exhibition, we keep sharing detailed information about the artworks. Take a look at Raša Todosijević’s (1945, Belgrade) “Schlafflagge with Serbian and Austrian flags”.

“Old Grandeur, our Serbian flag, is flying high these days, despite the tragic occurrences that have recently challenged our nation and our land. A symbol of our liberty, freedom, and pride, she is emerging atop our ruined roofs, and adorns the burnt walls of the Kalemegdan’s fortress. Vibrant red, blue and white colors and thousand years old Coats of arms are blossoming everywhere: on the automobile antennae, on football fields, in beautiful backyards and waving proudly from businesses and homes throughout the country.


The Serbian flag is how Serbia signs her name. She sits atop Avala hill, Mount Everest, and is hurtle out on the Heaven and deeply in our hearts. She is a reminder of not only the freedoms enjoyed by each of us in this country, but also of the important roles we play as individuals and contributors. While Serbs recognize and celebrate collective achievements, such as the victory in the Appraisals against Ottoman’s Empire, triumph in the WW I, in the Revolutionary War against Nazism, or shooting down US Stealth bombers, it is individual accomplishment that we often cherish the most. The stars of such events: Saint Archbishop Sava, Karageorge Petrovitch, Milosh Obrenovich, Nikola Tesla and Raša Todosijević – shine brightly in our collective constellation. One person’s contribution can define the course and meaning of history.”


Cold Front From the Balkans” exhibition can be visited until 7 May at Pera Museum!

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