Pera Museum presents Katherine Behar: Data’s Entry, the first museum survey exhibition of this New York-based artist who moves fluidly between sculpture, performance, video, and writing. Behar is drawn to the often confounding—and sometimes rebellious—ways that people and technologies manage to coexist in digital labor.

Through the exhibition, we will be sharing about artworks. This week we are sharing E-waste’s Prologue !

E-Atık 2014, USB aygıtları, Magic-Sculpt, Köpükten Örtü, Paverpol, strofor, taş dolgusu, kum, boya, ses, kablolar, değişik boyutlarda

2014, USB devices, Magic-Sculpt, Foam Coat,
Paverpol, Styrofoam, stone filler, sand,
pigment, cords, sound, variable dimensions

. . . The factories finally grow so large that the planet can no longer support their weight. It starts with a simple sinkhole in Shenzhen. Eroded beaches pile onto deforested mountainsides. Slums crumble over condos, sloshed in icecap runoff, and the continent slips. It isn’t long before neighboring nuclear reactors are swallowed and the inevitable rest is history. Soon Earth is no longer habitable . . . for humans.

But what of all the gadgets those factories churned out, the always-on armies that once served the human race? Their plastic bodies prove impervious to eventual climate change and sudden catastrophe. Indeed they hastened this.

But without humans to program them, to direct their work and give them purpose, the devices persist in their empty routines. As years go by, the Earth beneath them takes pity. The stony ground creeps toward the orphaned gadgets, embracing their fragile frames to soothe and brace them for their burden of infinite work . . .

“Katherine Behar: Data’s Entry” exhibition can be visited until October 16th! Click here to find out more about the exhibition!

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