Milica Tomić


Our “Cold Front from the Balkans” exhibition focuses on different generations of artists and art groups from the Balkan region. Throughout the exhibition, we keep sharing detailed information about the artworks. Take a look at Milica Tomić’s “One day, instead of one night, a burst of machine gun fire will flash, if light cannot come otherwise (Oskar Davico – fragment of a poem)” dedicated to the members of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative.


Milica Tomić’s action One day, instead of one night, a burst of machine-gun fire will flash, if light cannot come otherwise is named after a fragment of a poem by the Yugoslav partisan and writer Oskar Davičo. The work consists of photography, video, and newspaper documentation of walking actions carried out between September and October 2009 in which Tomić revisited forgotten sites in Belgrade where anti-fascist actions peaked during WWII. Not only does her work address social amnesia and the erasure of the memory of the anti-fascist People’s Liberation Struggle, it also reveals the relevance of this memory to the present moment’s invisible forms of fascism embedded in the administration of social life. Tomić’s work is a public intervention that symbolically rebuilds a non-material monument to the political imagination; to its past and present. By commenting on the legislative limitations imposed on the right to engage in civil disobedience and to use public space in general, the artist indirectly questions the counter-violence against terror sanctioned by an idea of nation-state that justifies the suspension of all constitutional procedures and legal protections.
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Cold Front From the Balkans” exhibition can be visited until 7 May at Pera Museum!

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