Text ≠ Image


Artists are finding a new balance between text and image, but that does not mean they are looking for a perfect harmony. It is rougher by design than a Renaissance interpretation, as communication relies on friction. With Tie Iconostasis Nikita Alexeev exploits a barrier that was devised to control ordinary people’s attempt at reaching ultimate revelation on their own. The iconostasis was composed mainly of images as ‘simple folk’ could not read, but sometimes there were a few words to emphasise that there was a text that the priests could interpret. Those making icons often refer to ‘writing’ icons rather than painting them. Alexeev’s text concentrates on the strange bumpy process between looking and thinking that has always happened.


Our eyes are led up to Tie Iconostasis by Transgression, which also questions are belief in ideal prototypes. Indeed the partnership, Galim Madanov and Zauresh Terekbay, that makes these little diagrams of objects from everyday life, don’t always share the same aspirations. At one moment these objects are celebrations of a threatened Kazakh culture, the next they are questioning a Neo-Platonic Soviet system.


Our “Doublethink Double vision” exhibition can be visited until August 6th!

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