A photographer’s biography: Ali Sami Akozer


Beylerbeyi, Kuzguncuk
Ali Sami (Aközer)
Glass negative, 112 x 90 mm 

Ali Sami (Aközer) (1866 Rusçuk – 1936 İstanbul)

Ali Sami is born in Rusçuk in 1866, and moves to İstanbul. Because his family is registered in the Beylerbeyi quarter of Üsküdar, Ali Sami is also called Üsküdarlı Ali Sami. He graduates from the Mühendishane-i Berri-i Hümayun in 1866 and becomes a teacher of painting and photography at the school.  He is employed in the Ottoman army, and he is also a teacher of phography at the palace and for many years gives lessons to Prince Burhaneddin Efendi. In 1889 he becomes an aide to Abdülhamid II. As a military photographer, he is assigned by Abdülhamid II to accompany German Emperor Wilhelm II during his visit to the Ottoman Empire when he travels from İstanbul to Jerusalem in 1898, and presents an album of this journey to the sultan. After the constitutional monarchy is proclaimed, he becomes a painting teacher at Trabzon High School, and passes away in 1936 in İstanbul.

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