Janine Antoni
Look At Me!



The exhibition Look at Me! Portraits and Other Fictions from the ”la Caixa” Contemporary Art Collection examines portraiture, one of the oldest artistic genres, through a significant number of works of our times. Through the exhibition we will be sharing about the artists and sections in “Look At Me!”. This time we are sharing about Janine Antoni , exhibitied under the section “The Conventions of Identitiy”!

In the nineties, Janine Antoni began to focus on the construction of identity. These sculptures were made from an exact mould of her own bust in the way of classical sculpture. Their most surprising quality is that they are made of chocolate and soap, materials that are virtually consumable and with which she assumes her own vulnerability and the transience of existence.
Indeed, once the busts were completed, Antoni licked the chocolate and washed herself with the soap of her self-portrait. The traces of this action disfigured the appearance of the busts, partially blurring their features. In this way the artist erases her own image and transforms the narcissistic impulse of self-portrayal into a sort of self-catharsis.


Lick and Lather
One licked chocolate and washed soap self-portrait busts
Each (approximately) 60.96 x 40.64 x 33.02 cm
Edition of 7 + 2 APs + TP
© Janine Antoni & Luhring Augustine, New York

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