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Cirpian Mureşan, Dead Weights, 2013
Cirpian Mureşan, Dead Weights, 2013

Ciprian Mureşan, Dead Weights, 2013

We don’t realise quite how much we distrust words in everyday communication. Images, as Magritte famously pointed out, are treacherous too. We live by reading between the lines and looking what is buried underneath. It does not surprise us that Ciprian Mureşan has hidden a Soviet satire in the form of a print series underneath a pile of art history books. Disguising our meaning is common practice. Indeed we don’t expect the board rooms and committees of big business and institutions to come up with straight truths. There is more expectation on artists and writers, but they are fighting the everyday malaise, which is why increasing numbers of artists do not just use one medium, and why the artists here add words to pictures and images to text. They have to work hard now to overcome your distrust.

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