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Recognized as one of the leading sculptors of Costa Rica, José Sancho pursues a broad range of themes in his works, yet nature is always the most essential starting point. His unique conceptual style constitutes a fine example of a dialogue that can be established between what is local and global, particular and universal.

Also influenced by the Hispanic and pre-Colombian art of the land into which he was born and presenting this influence with new readings, Sancho masterfully uses different media: wood, granite, marble, bronze, iron plates, and found objects allow the artist to recreate the animal forms and the infinite representations of femininity.

1- Costa Rica is in Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama. Costa Rica means ” rich beach” in Spanish. Capital of the country is San Jose and the country is known with its beaches, volcanoes and its biological diversity.

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2- Costa Rica is a real adventure! Rafting, kayaking, hiking, diving, surfing, bird watching and fishing are only a couple of the things you can experience!



3- With over 500,000 plant and animal species, Costa Rica is one of the world’s most biologically diverse countries. Scientists have estimated that close to 4 percent of the Earth’s species live in Costa Rica. Artist José Sancho is highly inspired by these animals too. In our exhibition you can see these animals in many different forms.

4- At the capital, San Jose, you can enjoy the city life to fullest! With its green parks where you can do yoga, the famous National Theater and a great variety of restaurants with a tasty cuisine you will indulge yourself!

© Robert Isenberg / Lonely Planet

© Robert Isenberg / Lonely Planet

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