“My style, in fact, reflects the city I live in: calm, chaotic, charming, active, sharp, and angry at different times.”

Funk became interested in graffiti when he left his first tag on the streets in 1998. In 2005, he started to take an active role in graffiti, regarding it as an indispensable part of his life.

Believing that graffiti is one of the most liberal and beautiful forms of art; Funk refers to this style as a “rain of color falling upon a grey world.” Painting since his childhood days, the artist discovered –after being introduced to graffiti– that painting the streets was far more thrilling. He enjoys playing with letters and making them dance, describing his style as between semi-wild and wild style.

Inspired by many different graffiti styles in his early days, Funk has become more selective over time. He creates his own fonts and embellishes these calligraphic writings with various painting techniques. Noting that painting techniques may always vary, the artist emphasizes the importance of having unique lettering with a certain character.

Among Funk’s favorite artists are seen, tkid, mode2, cowboy69, Poker, amok, bates, smash137, and skeme. 

Funk working at the Museum.

Funk working at the Museum.

Funk, 2014. Installation view, “Language of the Wall”.

Funk, 2014. Installation view, “Language of the Wall”.

Click for more information on the Language of the Wall: Graffiti / Street Art exhibition.

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