Dan Perjovschi



Our “Cold Front from the Balkansexhibition focuses on different generations of artists and art groups from the Balkan region. Throughout the exhibition, we keep sharing detailed information about the artworks. Take a look at Dan Perjovschi “Romania-Erasing Romania 1993-2003”.

“In 1993, during Zone International Festival of Performance art (Art Museum Timisoara), as a response of political environment when I felt owned by a post-communist regime I criticized I publically tattoo the name of my country on my body. In 2003 as a response of the new and changing Euro-geo-political reality (east-central Europe, east Europe, south east Europe, Balkans) I laser erased Romania out of my body and I freed it for the new future identity and ownership. Undercover action took place during In the Gorges of the Balkans exhibition at Kunsthalle Fridericianum Kassel, Germany.”

Cold Front From the Balkans” exhibition can be visited until 7 May at Pera Museum!

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