Modeling Big Data


Pera Museum presents Katherine Behar: Data’s Entry, the first museum survey exhibition of this New York-based artist who moves fluidly between sculpture, performance, video, and writing. Behar is drawn to the often confounding—and sometimes rebellious—ways that people and technologies manage to coexist in digital labor.

Through the exhibition, we will be sharing detailed information about the artworks. This week we are sharing the six channelled video installation “Modeling Big Data”!


Modeling Big Data parodies how computer culture favors hoarding, overproduction, and excess. The artist performs as an obese data body so stuck in the cycle of generating data that, like so-called big data, it has become swollen by its own data glut. She repeats an endless series of movements that she calls data gestures, comically inadequate attempts to mimic common computer routines such as clicking, buffering, caching, and pinging.

Videography: Lorraine Rudin
Sound design: Lem Jay Ignacio

“Katherine Behar: Data’s Entry” exhibition can be visited until October 16th! Click here to find out more about the exhibition!

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