War Through the Eyes of
Young Directors – 2

Saraybosna'da Bir Gün

Pera Film’s new season continues with a selection from the cinema of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Find out more about the directors and their films from the program Sarajevo Now!

Jasmila Žbanić – One Day in Sarajevo

Born in Sarajevo in 1974, Jasmila Žbanić is a graduate of the Sarajevo Academy of Dramatic Arts, Department of Theater and Film Directing. Her feature debut GRBAVICA was awarded the 2006 Berlinale Golden Bear, the American Film Institute Grand Jury Prize, and Grand Prix Odyssey of the European Council. 

Jasmila’s second feature ON THE PATH premiered in the competition program of the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival and has won numerous awards.

On June 28, 1914 Gavrilo Princip assassinated the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Franz Ferdinand sparking World War I that marked the start of the 20th century. Causes and consequences of the assassination that happened in Sarajevo a hundred years ago still continue to reverberate in Europe. As Sarajevo commemorated the centennial of the assassination, different people had different interpretations of what happened in the city a century ago and different emotions about it.

Saraybosna'da Bir Gün

One Day in Sarajevo

One Day in Sarajevo tells about various perspectives of the anniversary in Sarajevo combining and contrasting footage filmed by citizens of Sarajevo (with small cameras and mobile phones) with scenes from feature films about the assassination by directors from Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the United Kingdom.

As part of Pera Film’s Sarajevo Now! program, “One Day in Sarajevo” will be screened on October 3rd at 17.00.

Nedim Alikadić  - Self Reflection

Nedim Alikadić was born in 1975 in Sarajevo. Currently, he is completing the second year of theater and film directing studies at the Sarajevo Academy of Dramatic Arts, Audiovisual Arts Department in the class of Professor Haris Pašović. His talents have been recognized since early 1990s when he started working professionally as a video editor, animator and director. Nedim is the author of numerous commercial and music videos, as well as short and documentary films. He is particularly proud of his work on documentary film DO YOU REMEMBER SARAJEVO that was screened at numerous film festivals around the globe.

For the movie “Self Reflection” the director uses his home movies and photographs taken at significant moments of his life. The film presents his childhood, his love for his profession, his first encounters with the camera and his experiences during the war that forced him out of his home.

The war turned a boy into a soldier and left victims in its wake – both death and alive – as well as memories that provoke tears and anger, but also laughter. The war also defined the director’s take on life and almost destroyed his dreams.

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