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Pera Film opens the 2013 fall season with a A Farewell to Arms: Stories of Civil Resistance. Quite a few of the films included in the program are about people fighting – in their own way – to save their environments and their land…

F*ck for Forest

Director:  Michal Marczak
Cast: Tommy Hol Ellingsen, Leona Johansson, Dany DeVero
Poland, Germany  86’, 2012,  color

English, German, Spanish and Norwegian with Turkish subtitles

Berlin’s Fuck For Forest is one of the world’s most bizarre charities. Based on the idea that sex can save the world, the NGO raises money for their environmental cause by selling home-made erotic films on the internet. Meet Danny, a troubled soul, as he accidentally discovers this exuberant, neo-hippy world where sexual liberation merges with global altruism, and joins their already colorful operation. From the streets of Berlin to the depths of the Amazon, together they are on a planet-saving mission to buy a piece of forest and save the indigenous peoples from the sick, sick West.

Tous au Larzac

Director:  Christian Rouaud
Cast: Pierre Bonnefous, José Bové, Christiane Burguière
France, 120’, 2011, color
French and English with Turkish subtitles

How did a group of isolated farmers, clueless about politics, manage to win a fight against the French government’s decision to extend a military camp over their land? Deep in the French countryside, 103 families made an oath to unite and defend their land. As a result, this small area became the birthplace of the anti-globalization movement in France. Yet they did not use weapons to defend themselves, only tractors and sheep. This documentary focuses on the inhabitants’ 10-year long struggle for justice and freedom.

Ecumenopolis: City Without Limits

Director:  İmre Azem
Turkey,  88’, 2011, color

Ecumenopolis - the name comes from a vision of the urban planner Constantinos Doxiadis: large cities continue to grow until they grow together, forming some day a globally coherent urban space. The filmmaker Imre Azem uses this metaphor of Ecumenopolis to describe the current situation in Istanbul. His film documents the social hardships and environmental problems associated with the rapid and seemingly incessant growth of Istanbul: the violent demolition of housing space against the will of the residents and the residents’ relocation to the suburbs as well as the destruction of nature in and around Istanbul. The film points out not only the transformation of the city, but also the dynamics behind it: The growth of Istanbul is pushed forward with urban projects such as the planned construction of a third bridge over the Bosphorus. Despite scientific objection and residents’ demanding participation in decision-making, politicians try to put through the project. The film sketches a picture of neoliberal urbanization that surpassed ecological, economic and demographic limits.

A Short Walk in the Park

Part I: Music

Tencere Tava Havası, Kardeş Türküler, 4’23, 2013
Eyvallah, Duman, 4’51, 2013
Imagine, Joan Baez, 5’27, 2013
Occupy Taksim Flashmob, Stockholm, 4’46, 2013
Gas Them All, Alp Haydar, 3’15, 2013
Çapulcular Oldu Mu?, Boğaziçi Caz Korosu, 2’47, 2013
Çapulcu Musun Vay Vay, Boğaziçi Caz Korosu, 2’49
We Don’t Need No Gas Bombs, Ayşe Deniz Gökçin, 2’56, 2013
Boyun Eğmeyenler, Yiğit Özatalay, 2’41, 2013
Güya, Nazan Öncel Çapulcu Orkestrası, 3’02, 2013
Taksim, Wax Poetic, 5’, 2013
RWNBT, Boğac Ergüvenç, Yaman Gülpınar, 2’17, 2013
Şimdi İstanbul’da Olmak Vardı, New York’lu Çapulcular, 5’36, 2013

Part II: Documentaries

Nefes Al, Süleyman Demirel, Recai Rize, 7’05, 2013
Gördüm: Bir Gezi Parkı Direnişi Belgesel Filmi, Çapuling yapan sinemacılar, 8’06, 2013
#occupyGEZİ, Deniz Tarsus, 3’48 , 2013
Gezi Havası, 4’21, 2013
Agence LeJournal Projesi, Emin Özmen, 20′, 2013

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