Lino Printing!


Pera Education is organizing, in conjunction with the exhibition Picasso: Engravings and Ceramics from the House of His Birth, weekend workshops for 4 – 14 year olds.  Entitled, Picasso: Mad Cap, children participating in this workshop program are taken on a tour of the exhibition followed by a variety of different projects using various materials and techniques.

In the “Lino Printing” workshop organised for 7-14 year olds, children have the opportunity to make their own to experiment and to make their own lino prints after a close look Picasso’s engravings.


The participants first draw a sketch of their design on black cardboard.


After that they transfer their drawings onto the lino using pastels.


They start etching the lino following the outlines of their design.


In order to start the printing press they paint the linos with water based, colourful inks using a roller.


The participants then press the ink-washed linos onto paper. When they pull the paper from the lino slowly, their own original print is revealed!


We prepared a fun video showing all the stages of the print-making workshop… Check here to see the schedule for the printing workshops coming up.

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