The Last Great Watchmaker of the Ottoman Empire

Mustafa Şem’i Yapımı Saat Kadranı
20. yüzyıl
Mustafa Şem’i Yapımı Saat Kadranı 20. yüzyıl

Clock dial made by Mustafa Şem’i
20. Century

Indicated as “Mustafa Şem’i Pek ve Ortakları” (Mustafa Şem’i Pek and Associates) on the clock’s dial, the said master was one of the last great watchmakers of the Ottoman Empire and was renowned particularly for his tower clocks and clocks he designed for large façades an public squares. Numerous façade clocks, including those of Haydarpaşa Train Station, İstanbul University and Haydarpaşa High School demonstrate his craftsmanship.

A selection from the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation The Anatolian Weights and Measures Collection can be seen at Pera Museum.

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