Małe Instrumenty

Male Instrumenty_002

Male Instrumenty_002

Pera Museum has been organizing a concert series called “New Sounds From Poland” on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of Poland-Turkey diplomatic relations. Last month we hosted the amazing Małe Instrumenty, a group which was founded by Pawel Romanczuk in 2006. Małe Instrumenty (meaning “small instruments”) are a band exploring new sounds using a wide array of small instruments. The instruments used in their sonic experiments feature an ever expanding array of professional instruments, sound toys made for children or naive in nature, strange musical inventions as well as a whole array of small items that aren’t really instruments but do make a sound.

You can listen to their performance of “Profesor Bambosz i jego uczniowie” (Prof. Carpetslipper and His Students) during their concert at the Museum below:

In addition to their concert, Małe Instrumenty gave a music workshop called Small Instruments on Saturday 15th November, for everyone aged 7 and up. Participants in the workshop explored their imagination and created new instruments and unusual music by using different objects, such as toys, cans, bottles, glasses, and more!

Here are some of the methods they used:

1. Blowing bottle tops for music
2. Making music from drinking glasses
3. Making instruments from straws
4. Instruments from pipes
5. Making guitars from boxes
6. Spinning Instruments
7. Flutes from balloons!

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